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Rakhi Mondal
Jul 17, 2022
In Welcome to the Forum
Multidimensional one. These visions affect the perception of links with Latin Last Database America, in a context of crisis and dependencies that is redefining global geopolitics. "Geopolitical Europe" and Latin America The emergence of the covid-19 pandemic Last Database and the pattern of disruptions in global supply chains that has been taking place in recent years1–from the trade war between the United States and China to the blockade of the Suez Canaltwo– have paved the way for a broader understanding of European strategic autonomy, with an agenda that takes into Last Database account other dimensions that go beyond the military. This multidimensional reading for the Last Database sake of greater resilience of European societies, moreover, is closely linked to the transformation plan that the European Union has approved for the coming years around the digital and ecological transition. Both transitions are Last Database structural axes of the recovery plan that the eu has undertaken through the NextGeneration eu fund after the socioeconomic impact caused by the pandemic. Among the main Last Database challenges involved in committing to these transitions, called "twin transitions" in community jargon. And their interrelationships with strategic Last Database autonomy, it is worth noting the fear of leaving behind dependence on fossil fuels to become dependent on now from critical raw materials. As the International Energy Agency ( IEA ) has been Last Database warning through its World Energy Outlook , there is a mismatch between the goals of the Paris Agreement and the availability of essential minerals to meet them3. In this way, if the European Green Deal already warned about the risks, the new Last Database EU industrial strategy directly recognizes that access to resources is a strategic security issue for the success of transformations towards productive decarbonisation. For the EU's relationship with Latin America, the greater demand for this type of material and its strategic nature is illustrated by the.
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Rakhi Mondal

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