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topi akter
Jun 11, 2022
In Welcome to the Forum
In product operation, many category email list people are very sensitive to three indicators, that is: traffic, conversion rate, and customer unit price. But is there a systematic method that can penetrate the above three indicators and output a set of strategies that can affect business growth? Or you need to know about the Product Operations Canvas! 1. What category email list is the Product Operations Canvas? The Product Operations Canvas is made up of: Scenes category email list path contact frequency/duration Forward Customer price user experience Incentive rules Product Strategy Composed of the above nine elements, 123 is the starting point, 456 is the ending point, and 789 is the process. Like this picture below: Where? It is to sort out the path of user behavior category email list based on the user's usage scenario and find the user's touchpoint. Where? This is our goal. What data do we hope category email list to improve, the unit price per customer? Or the number of active users? how to get to? It is how to improve the user experience, design incentive rules, and product strategies to influence the results. Seeing this, do you have a preliminary understanding of what a product operation canvas is? 2. Detailed category email list explanation of the elements of the pro
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topi akter

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